The Beginning

The Beginning
Our House

Sunday, 23 December 2012


Well we are meant to be watertight but the torrential rain over the last couple of days has taken it's toll.  The windows and doors are in but the velux window is leaking.  The electricians have also been in to do the 1st fix electrics so once the wood all dries out we are ready to insulate and plasterboard.  The slater and brickie will get going between Christmas and New Year so hopefully by the beginning of 2013 we will be watertight!

When we went to the house yesterday we had lunch at Deskford Garden Galleries.  It is a lovely tea room with an art gallery and antiques shop.  The furniture was very reasonably priced and I would love to have space for the beautiful linen press I saw. We did buy some lovely ceramic bothies, boats and lighthouses for the house.

Merry Christmas!

The ceramics in the boys bedroom!

Partition wall for the downstairs loo and utility area

All we need in here is the carpet!

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