The Beginning

The Beginning
Our House

Friday, 21 September 2012

Demolition day 2!

Day 2 involved demolishing the rest of the walls and disposing of all the rubble.  My father-in-law wanted to let you know that he did not just drink tea all day!  The 3 men even managed a trip to the Three Kings for a cider!
Tea drinking on day 1!

Going, going ...


Will catch up with the builder this weekend, it's the gas board that's holding us up now.  We cannot get the foundations done until the gas board move the pipe.  Hoping to get the majority of the painting finished this weekend - oh and get a door on the bathroom!

Monday, 17 September 2012

Demolishing the extension - day 1!

I've not posted for a while because all I'm doing is painting and those photos would just get a bit boring!    Today was an exciting day!  The plan was just to remove the slates and roof but the walls were very unstable without the roof to hold them up so half of the walls came down too!  It is also sad to see this room coming down as it has been there almost as long as the house.  The bricks have had their day though and Michael didn't even need a hammer to get them down!
My dad was desperate to get up on the roof!

Drinking tea again!

Wood for the fire

Slate for the garden

Al fresco dining!

This was an old fireplace when it was the wash house
We are being eco-friendly too.  We are going to use the old slate from the roof on the garden, a neighbour is taking all the wood for their wood burning stove and we are trying to save as many bricks as we can for the fireplace.  

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

More painting

I think we have used around 50 litres of paint so far!  I will be glad when everywhere is painted!  The windows are the most time consuming.  We need to use 4 coats as the windows were stained and we are painting them all white.  The white windows really change the feel of the house.

Michael has finished grouting the bathroom floor and along with Graham installed the sink and toilet in the bathroom.

This weekend I have decided to take a break from painting and I'm going to frame up the door openings to the rooms upstairs.  The bathroom is now usable but no-one will use it if there is no door!