The Beginning

The Beginning
Our House

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Building warrant

Just got an email from the architect to say we have our building warrant!  Hurray, we can start pulling down the kitchen during the summer holidays!

Decorating started

Dining room taped
Bedroom taped


Bedroom painted

Alternative view!
My dad and I spent today painting downstairs.  It's great getting some paint on the walls, feels like we are on the home straight!  We only stopped because we ran out of paint!  We picked up some furniture I had dipped too.  I bought a painted cupboard for £28 in a recent auction, it looks great now.

Hallway looking much brighter

My lovely pine cupboard stripped and ready to be waxed
If you are wondering why the floor is now blue it's because of the damp proof resin!  The floors are concrete and this epoxy resin stops any moisture coming up through the floor.  We had to mix two liquids together then had to use it within half an hour - it was a speedy job!

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

The bits I really like!

I have always loved working with fabric so I'm really enjoying this phase of the project!  I have made blinds for both upstairs bedrooms and a shower curtain for the bathroom.  With the remnants of fabric I have made a couple of cutlery rolls and drawstring bags for our camping trip!

Blinds for boys bedroom

Blinds for the master bedroom

Cutlery roll

Bag for my plates and bowls!
My dad and I are having a trip up to start painting tomorrow so the electricians can get in and get us all connected up.  Will post more photos of the decorating this week!