The Beginning

The Beginning
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Friday, 27 January 2012

Getting on with downstairs!

We are finally getting things going downstairs!  I have finished stripping the paint off the wood paneling downstairs and taken the rest to Buckie to get dipped.  The insulation also arrived for downstairs so that's my job on Sunday!  The taps have arrived for the bathroom and en-suite but we have no toilet or bath to put them on yet!
Wood linings, 3 doors and 2 sets of shutter ready for the dippers!

A dusty hallway all stripped

Do you think I ordered enough?!  At least we will be warm!

Friday, 20 January 2012

Latest news

It's been a month since my last posting and we are getting on quite well!  Michael has finished the pipework and tested it so it has no leaks!  The plasterer has been in to tape the upstairs rooms and I have even tried out taping myself!  We have a shower tray and have started to frame around that.  I have also been stripping paint off the wood panels in the hallway - underneath the paint is varnish though and goes really sticky with the heat gun.  The heat gun did keep my hands warm this week!

Bedroom taped nearly ready for painting

Stud wall in en-suite for shower

My first attempt at taping, Barry (the decorator) said it was ok for my first attempt!
It is the cupboard so no-one will ever see it!

First layer of loft insulation - Michael is going up next time!

Panels partly stripped of paint and varnish
I had a lovely letter from Elma whose family owned the house for the 100 years before we bought it!  It was full of info and photos of all the people who lived there throughout it's history.  I will post some photos once I get them scanned.