The Beginning

The Beginning
Our House

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Summer 2014

I've not posted for some time as I have lost the charger to my camera!  A new one is now on it's way so I can retrieve all the holiday photos.

Summer was not as good as last year but we still had plenty great days at the beach and in the water.  It meant that not a lot of work was done on the house!  We started the summer with a fantastic outdoor performance of 'George's Marvellous Medicine' at Duff House in Banff.  This was the second show we have seen from Illyria and it did not disappoint.   The boys swam with their snorkels, jumped off the harbour wall (once!) and enjoyed meeting some friends from last year.

We have had our builder and plasterer in finishing off some things for us.  The coving was completed at the beginning of the summer.  That has really finished off the rooms and has also stopped the draughts!  Our builder has bricked around the back of the fireplace and that marks the completion of the living room.   All we need is a door on the downstairs toilet and cement at the back door  and we can apply for our completion certificate!
Illyria's George's Marvellous Medicine at Duff House
Snorkeling in the harbour

A storm coming in - we had a few of those!

Couldn't get the boys off the beach on this night! 
Living room finished, I love the fireplace!

Another lampshade made by me

Coving finished

Downstairs bedroom finished

Curtains in the living room

Kitchen cabinet painted

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Why do all the little jobs take so much time??!  It is great to finally see some rooms completely finished.  We are ticking items off our finishing list but still adding others as we go along!

The suffolk latch handles work really well.

This cupboard hides the boiler and the fridge!

The boys art

Michael's rustic shelves!

Hardcore ready for the chuckies

No longer do we use a random breeze block as a step!

Wednesday, 26 March 2014


We really are on the final push with the house now with only small but time consuming jobs such as door handles, cupboard doors and shelves.  The carpets and stair runner are down now so the house feels much more finished.

As we have had such a mild winter we have managed to do some things in the garden too.  The old shed has been emptied and pulled down - that was an interesting day with my dad!  The kitchen now gets much more light and our neighbours commented that their kitchen also seems much brighter.

Easter holidays are nearly here and we intend getting all the little jobs finished.  We cannot believe it is nearly 3 years since we bought our bolthole by the sea!  The projected timescale of 9-12 months was maybe just a little unrealistic!
Think this is my favourite quilt ready for quilting

Lots of happy childhood memories on the back of the shed door.  I want to know who Arran was Elma!



Friday, 21 February 2014

A new year

Sorry, I know it has been ages since my last post!  We have been finishing off lots of bits and pieces, none of which make very interesting photos!

We had a great time in the house over the Christmas period with our parents.  The weather was cold and crisp and we were able to do lots of walking to work off all the food.

We have started to landscape outside with the addition of a new fence which really tidies up the garden.  The back part of the garden has been levelled ready for a patio area, we just need to demolish the shed so we can finish it off.

Inside, cupboard doors have been hung, a few light fittings have been fixed and the downstairs bedroom now has a carpet.  I bought some beautiful fabric from Liberty in London when we were there on our long weekend.  I cannot wait to make it up into another quilt, Great British Sewing Bee has me inspired!

On another weekend away we visited Boyle's in Glasgow and picked out our coving for the downstair rooms.  It was a treasure trove of all sorts of designs and I think we came out more confused than when we went in!

The men doing the washing up!

Fantastic weather on Boxing Day

Took a couple of attempts to get the cables the same length!

Love my light fitting!

Carpet laid in downstairs bedroom

Toilet is functional but room has no door yet!

New fence and patio area