The Beginning

The Beginning
Our House

Wednesday, 26 March 2014


We really are on the final push with the house now with only small but time consuming jobs such as door handles, cupboard doors and shelves.  The carpets and stair runner are down now so the house feels much more finished.

As we have had such a mild winter we have managed to do some things in the garden too.  The old shed has been emptied and pulled down - that was an interesting day with my dad!  The kitchen now gets much more light and our neighbours commented that their kitchen also seems much brighter.

Easter holidays are nearly here and we intend getting all the little jobs finished.  We cannot believe it is nearly 3 years since we bought our bolthole by the sea!  The projected timescale of 9-12 months was maybe just a little unrealistic!
Think this is my favourite quilt ready for quilting

Lots of happy childhood memories on the back of the shed door.  I want to know who Arran was Elma!



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