The Beginning

The Beginning
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Wednesday, 2 August 2017

It's been a long time - again!

It really is more than a year since my last post! As the house is pretty much finished inside there's not been too much to write about. We have been enjoying spending time in our house and work hasn't been a priority!

We re-joined Cullen sea school earlier this year and have been enjoying their increasing choice of activities. Zack spent most Saturday mornings during the winter at the boat building where he helped to build a second rowing skiff and refurbish an older boat.  I enjoy the social rowing with a really great bunch!  I like that you can just turn up on the beach and go out with a different group each time. I even raced for the first time last weekend in the biggest swell I have rowed in!  It was also good to try out the new skiff, Swift that Zack had a hand in building. We weren't placed but our sister boat Mhairi went on to win.  The school is now also offering kayak tuition which we have enjoyed as a family, the highlight so far being the water polo.

The house has not been neglected though! We had a huge delivery of firewood ready for the winter from Portsoy Firewood. They offer a great service and the wood burns nicely. The paintwork around the windows is also getting a makeover. We have started to peel off the many layers of paint using an amazing paste called Peelaway. It's a bit time consuming but the paint peels off like a dream!