The Beginning

The Beginning
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Saturday, 12 January 2013

January update

Happy New Year!
Not too much has happened over the festive fortnight!  We did manage to work a couple of days but it was very cold and we felt we didn't achieve very much.

The floor is now down in the living room and Graham has fitted the soil pipe for the downstairs loo which now means that the slater can start this week.

I have been re-attaching cupboard doors and fitting a clothes rail in the cupboard in the boys bedroom.  I think it looks straight - the hanger doesn't slide so it must be more or less level!

I have also purchased some lovely fabric for making curtains for the kitchen and cushions.  The fabric is vintage and once upon a time were Hungarian grain sacks!  See Parna and Beyond France for other designs.

The gas supply is being re-connected this week so we should have some heating on within a few weeks - hurray!
Chose this one because of the initials!

For kitchen curtains

Definitely a level rail!

Finished floor in living room

I think the basketball lines add character!

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