The Beginning

The Beginning
Our House

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Concrete, walls and power!

I can eventually upload some photos of the concrete floor being poured.  I have just spent an hour talking my dad through the process of downloading photos from my mum's phone!!

Last week the concrete floor was poured and this week the timber frame went up.  I could not get up to Cullen to do any work this week as we had around 6/7" of snow at Chapel and the road conditions were terrible.   There was no snow at all in Cullen and the joiners have managed to get the frame up and will be installing the windows and door on Wednesday.   The electricians have also been in and we now have power throughout the house - at last!  We have been working with only one socket for the last year so that will make a huge difference!

My dad borrowed a horsebox from a friend today and we moved out most of the furniture I've been restoring to make room for the 8' Christmas tree that was delivered on Friday!  Once all the furniture had been unpacked we had a lovely lunch at the Cullen Bay Hotel and then the boys saw Santa!

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