The Beginning

The Beginning
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Sunday, 26 February 2012

Busy weekend!

Just spent 2 days at Cullen working on the house, having a few drinks and good food to celebrate our 14th anniversary!  I had the best steak I've had in a long time and Michael had 2 huge pieces of fish at The Crannoch.  We stayed there too and had a very friendly welcome from the proprietor.

It was a weekend of finishing off lots of jobs that had been left.  The insulation is finally finished downstairs and I have nearly finished attaching the wood panels in the front hallway.  We also started putting on some plasterboard here.  The hallway was maybe not the best place to start as it has lots of fiddly bits!

Michael framed and plasterboarded the new velux in the en-suite.  He also made a frame for the sink unit in the en-suite and installed the fireplace in the boys bedroom.  Remember how it looked before we stripped all the old brown paint off?!  (Bits and Bobs 5th September post).  It looks great and will look even better when we get the wood cladding on.  I spent most of today with my heat gun again.  I am slowly stripping off the layers of paint on the staircase.  I'm going back again tomorrow to try to get more done.

Our dad's had another trip with rubbish and collected more doors from the dippers.  Just when we thought the house had no more surprises we found another one.  A door that we thought was wallpapered was actually glass panels!  I cannot believe we didn't break the glass throwing the doors into the trailer!  It looks lovely and I think we will use it for the en-suite.

Our architect and neighbour, Ross is starting to measure up for our kitchen extension plans this week so things are starting to get moving there too, yay!
Fireplace in boys bedroom

Bath ready to be installed

Newly framed velux and frame for sink 

Shower tray ready to be installed

The wood panels and first sheets of plasterboard

The glass paneled door!

My £10 pine kist dipped and smelling much fresher!

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