The Beginning

The Beginning
Our House

Thursday, 10 December 2015

Four and a half years on!

Yes, it really has been 4 1\2 years! Can't believe we thought the renovations would only take us a year, we now understand why every house on Grand Designs takes longer than planned (and goes over budget😓!) Little was achieved most of the year due to Michael working in China. Since he has been home we have found the motivation to get all the little jobs finished.
Cloakroom finished - on the hunt for a small unit for under the sink!

Utility area fitted and washing machine plumbed in

New steps - now meet regulations!

Shed painted - I was so cold after painting I needed a shower to warm me back up! 

Christmas decorations up 

The Antique centre now has reclamation - I was in heaven!!

Looking forward to going back up again soon, the builder is starting to repoint the house tomorrow.  We may even be completely finished before our 5 year milestone!🙌

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