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The Beginning
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Sunday, 8 December 2013

Christmas is coming!

It's official, we will be having Christmas at Cullen!  We only need to finish off bits and pieces inside now so we will be staying and having our first guests during the Christmas holidays.

We saw Santa at Christies in Fochabers then had some lunch and Christmas decoration shopping at Baxters. When we went back to Cullen we had a walk around the harbour to see the damage caused by the storms last week.  Our poor harbour beach was battered, the sand level is normally more than a foot higher than the picture and the harbour jetty was littered with pebbles and a few boulders washed off the beach.  We have never see the tide come so far into the harbour.

The boys had fun making some decorations for the Christmas tree out of broken bead necklaces and old buttons I bought at the Cullen Antiques Centre.  I love this converted church, I always buy something in there!   We finished the day by lighting our newly installed wood burner and decorating the tree in my favourite style; a bit of old, new and home made!
You can see the debris washed up at the back wall.  There also used to be 2 benches!  Even at high tide this part of the beach is not normally under water.

Pebbles and stones washed over the wall on the right.  Even some of the tarmac was eroded and washed along the jetty

The baubles made by us!

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