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The Beginning
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Sunday, 18 August 2013

Fantastic summer

I didn't realise it was so long since my last post!  It has been a fantastic summer in Cullen.  The sun has shone and temperature has been warm for over 6 weeks!  This has meant that there was more play than work at the house.  Things have moved on though, just very slowly.  We are now staying for several days at a time and visiting Buckie Swimming Pool to shower as we have no hot water!

Freshly painted windows and front door
We have been on the beach every day that we have been in Cullen swimming, body boarding, crabbing, fishing or sailing.  The boys and Michael even did some harbour jumping - I was too chicken!

Our dads have been fantastic and painted all the outside windows - a huge job, one that they don't want to do again in a hurry.  I am STILL painting - that's a whole year I've been doing that job and I am getting a bit bored with it!  Front and back door as well as the architrave have been painted this weekend.  Kitchen is nearly in and flooring is going down.  The bathrooms now have some privacy too with adhesive film from Brume, it looks great.

My 99p sofa!

Brume film on downstairs bathroom window

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