The Beginning

The Beginning
Our House

Monday, 22 October 2012

We are getting closer!

Another busy weekend and we have some flooring down, carpets chosen and hallway painted!  Things never run smoothly though as the concrete dining room floor has a huge dip in it and will need some extra underlay to stop it bouncing!

The stairs and landing have only had one coat of primer but it took 3 of us a whole day!  I think I will use the spray machine again to try and speed up the process.

Howard from Hyde-Owens delivered our slate hearth, it looks great.  It's not been laid properly yet but I think it will take 4 of us to lift it up again!

Tomorrow the builder will start to dig out the foundations for the new extension!  We may have a kitchen before Christmas after all!

Do you think we should keep the basketball lines?!

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