The Beginning

The Beginning
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Monday, 30 April 2012

Busy, busy!

We have had a busy weekend at the house!  Graham (brother-in-law and plumber, thank you!) has plumbed in our bath and shower tray so they are now ready to be tiled.  I have ordered lovely brick tiles; white for the bathroom and a blue crackle glaze for the en-suite.  They should arrive tomorrow - need to find a tiler now!  I have also ordered lovely seaside fabric to make a shower curtain for the bathroom.

Michael, our dads and myself had an early start on Sunday morning!  The 3 men put up the last pieces of plasterboard on the ceiling and I spent the day pushing in nails in the new wood paneling and sanding down the existing paneling ready for painting.  It was such a beautiful day again and we had our picnic outside in the garden!

Ross came round with the building warrant plans, they have been submitted and hopefully we will hear fairly soon about them.

The plasterer paid us a visit to discuss his work.  He is going to skim our only existing ceiling to preserve our ceiling rose and patch it in at the sides so we can put up new coving.  He's also going to start plastering the rest of the house in a couple of weeks.  Very exciting as we can get going with painting!

It's getting to the stage where I can think about all the nice things like colours and fabrics!  With the boys back to school today I am sitting today picking paint colours and looking for coving and skirtings.  I've also to contact the electrician as we are now ready for him to put in all the sockets and fix up the fuse box.  Once I've ticked those things off my list I can get back to making my blinds and re-covering my Gumtree chairs!
I'm liking my new taps on the bath!

Roomy shower tray!

The door we did not realise had glass will go on the opening to the en-suite

Plasterboard all done on the ceiling in the living room

Plasterboard all done on the ceiling in the dining room

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