The Beginning

The Beginning
Our House

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

We are still here!

Sorry I have been a bit lax at my blog!  We had 2 fantastic weeks in Italy  (thanks Claire and Andy!) and have been busy pulling down all the lath and plaster walls at the house so not had much time for blogging.

We have been told by the builder that the kitchen is unsafe and needs to come down.  We were not expecting this but no point plastering up the (very huge) cracks.

Downstairs the external walls are totally exposed.  We discovered more beautiful wood paneling underneath plasterboard and ply.  The boys room is totally wood paneled which looks fab!  We uncovered a fireplace upstairs complete with ironwork.  Michael gave it a nudge and it fell apart!

Thank you also to our dad's who really deserved their trip to the Three Kings for a cider after filling an enormous skip!  After the skip was filled I had a day on my own and uncovered the original cottage doors upstairs - they are fab and even have the marks where the original large hinges have been.  Photos to follow!

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